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Anarchism, Organization and Management: Critical Perspectives for Students

I Managers and management: history and presentAn anarchist prehistory of managementThis chapter willThree anarchist managersThe origins of anarchist ideas in the late 19th centuryAnarchist ideas and their organizational implicationsA prehistory of managementConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesAnarchy in management todayThis chapter willAnarchismClassical anarchismPractical anarchismPostanarchismWhat is management?Two case studies of organizational anarchismUS Marine Corps Forces Europe and AfricaZapposConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesII People and organizationsDifference and diversity in organizationsThis chapter willWho's diverse?Difference and inequality in labour marketsSegregated labourSegregated jobsInclusion managementEqual opportunitiesGood business?I am not your 'other'How not to includeRejecting workConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesManaging the selfThis chapter willCapitalist 'Self-Management'Anarchist self-managementAnarchic selves-growthConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesBusiness ethicsThis chapter willBusiness ethics: some indicative positionsConservativeCriticalPracticalThe business ethics industryAn anarchist responseConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesIII Structure and cultureDecision making and powerIntroductionThis chapter willPower and control in organizationsWhat is power?How does power function?Anarchist decision makingAnarchist alternatives in practiceConsensus decision makingConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesOrganizational cultureIntroductionThis chapter willCulture and anarchismTwo co-opsCulture at workFighting your own cultureStruggling with differenceСо-creating organizational cultureConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesLeadership and authorityThis chapter willThe origins of authority and leadershipLeadership in managed organizationsHow to do otherwise - anarchist alternativesBrazil: companies taken over by workersChile: self-management in community centreConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesIV Markets, finance and accountingFinance and valueThis chapter willUse and exchangeValue in management theoryValue in accounting theoryValuing human lifeValue and non-human lifeAn anarchist theory of valueConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesAccounting in organizations and societyIn this chapter, we willThe history of accountingThe need for accountingThe problem with marketsMarkets are unfairMarkets undermine solidarity and promote selfishnessMarkets are undemocraticMarkets are inefficientAn anarchist economyAccounting challengesConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesV New technology and new economyThe collaborative and sharing economyThis chapter willCollaboration in consumption and workThe sharing economyGig workPrecarious workConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesCrowdsourcing and digital platformsThis chapter willThe digital age and crowdsourcing in business and managementThe question of technology in anarchismBookchin and the concept of affordancesThe affordances of crowdsourcingObjects: the technical featuresEnvironment: the cultural contextActors: the social interactionsIs crowdsourcing anarchist?ConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesTrust, finance and cryptocurrenciesIntroductionThis chapter willThe problemCryptoanarchismFrom cryptoanarchy to bitcoinFrom bitcoin to blockchainConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesVI Markets and exchangeMarketing, advertising and persuasionThis chapter willA brief history of marketingWhat is anarchism?Anarchism and economyThe case of Charles SaatchiThe case of Occupy Wall StreetConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesInnovation and entrepreneurshipThis chapter willCreativity, innovation and all thatSocial and technological innovationThe anarchy of entrepreneurshipThe entrepreneur as anarchist and the anarchist as entrepreneurAnarchism and its frenemiesConclusionQuestions for further studyReferencesExchange beyond the marketThis chapter willA trap of Homo economicusThinking and acting like an anarchistEveryday anarchism: home and communityAnarchism at the universityThe future: extending anarchism in the everydayQuestions for further studyNoteReferencesConclusion: what to do with this book

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