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A short course of lectures
«Public Management»

Control and Its Regulative Function in Public ManagementJarosław Kaczyn´ skiMain Models of State OrganisationJerzy BuzekControl as Management FunctionPrime Ministers About Managing the StateVirtual Social Structure in Actual State OrganisationLeadership in Network-Dominated Public SphereManaging and Leading in Public OrganisationsInstitutional Development Planning on Local Government Level (IDP Method)New Institutional Economy and State OrganisationInformation and Disinformation: Key Tools of State ManagementHanna SuchockaLeszek MillerJan OlszewskiOrganisational Social System of the StateSynthetic Characteristic of Empirical ResearchHeterogeneous Knowledge in Strategic Planning and Decision MakingWaldemar PawlakRole of Non-governmental Organisations in the StateManagement Capability IndexMarek BelkaThe Essence of PlanningPlanning and Decision Making in Political TransformationState as a Special Organisation of Society Jo,zef OleksyMain Indexes of Global Control of Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and DevelopmentEfficiency and Effectiveness in Control ProcessJan Krzysztof BieleckiNotion and Origins of the StateGlobal Crisis of Public LeadershipWłodzimierz CimoszewiczPlanning and Decision Making in Public ManagementGovernance Versus Public ManagementDynamic Equilibrium of Organised ThingsManaging the Intellectual Capital in Public OrganisationDiagnosing Efficiency of State as OrganisationTasks for State as the System of InstitutionsState According to Social Teachings of the ChurchModels of Organisation of Unitary StatesKazimierz MarcinkiewiczTadeusz MazowieckiState Organisation for Institutional and Systemic PerspectiveOrganisation of Multilevel Management in European UnionDecision Making in Conditions of Certainty, Risk and UncertaintyGovernance and Public Management Practice in PolandDecisions and Their Classification
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