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Leadership and Wisdom: Narrating the Future Responsibly

A Story about Stories: Key Themes and Questions from the ChaptersPROMETHEUS, HUMBLED: Leadership and Hope in the Anthropocene AgeWisdom and Narrative: Weaving Words and Worlds (Texts and Contexts) TogetherWhat Do We Mean by ‘Wisdom’?What Do We Mean by ‘Narrative’?How Can Narratives Contribute to the Education of Wise Leaders? Simulation and EmulationSimulation ExemplarityEmulation ExemplarsDeveloping Storied Wisdom: Please Join Us in Co-Creating a Poly-Logue!NotesReferencesTHE SANDPIPER AND THE CLAM STRUGGLEIntroductionThe Sandpiper and Clam as a Battle for SurvivalThe Sandpiper and Clam as a Tale of GreedThe Sandpiper and Clam as a Prisoner’s Dilemma about TrustThe Fisherman as a Disruptive InnovatorThe Fertility of a FolktaleReferences“DON’T FLY TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN”: Using Myth to Understand the Hazards of Hubristic LeadershipIntroductionMythGreek Myth and OvidHubris and Hubristic LeadershipThe Daedalus and Icarus EpisodeInterpretationSensemaking and Re-Storying the MythMitigating Hubristic Leadership through Practical WisdomImplications and ConclusionsNotesReferencesCHOOSING OUR CROSS WITH WISDOM: A Folktale for Living and LeadingThe Folktale: Picking a CrossWhy This Folktale?The “Moral” of the StoryRelevance in Our Own Personal ExperienceRelevance for Leadership PracticeAssessing Our Capacity to Carry BurdensChoosing the Cross Within a Broader Search for MeaningImplications for the Personal and Professional Development of LeadersImplications for the Development of More Responsible and Sustainable Leadership PracticesReferencesKING POPIEL, THE KILLER MICE AND THE STORY OF THE POST-LIE LEADERSHIPThe Legend of King PopielIntroductionMoral of the StoryPersonal ResonancesRelevance for Leadership PracticeQuestions for Reflection and DiscussionImplications for the Development of More Responsible and Sustainable Leadership PracticesNoteReferencesTHE WISDOM OF OTHERS: Cultural Acclimatization and Engaged LeadershipForeword for Readers Unfamiliar with Gulliver’s TravelsGulliver’s Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World, Chapter XIIWhen the Falsehoods Fly, Try Slowing DownSuperiority Can Distort MoralityBeware the Allure of PrideNoteReferencesA TALE FROM THE AH-AH COUNTRYThe Poison of ArroganceThe Trap of DoubtThe Ambush of HopeThe Arrow of UncertaintyInterpretation of the Four EpisodesEpisode 1. The Poison of Arrogance and the Urchins’ TricksEpisode 2. The Trap of Doubt and the “Utterly Unpredictable”Episode 3. The Ambush of Hope and the Gravid TigressEpisode 4. The Arrow of Uncertainty and the Beginner’s MindImplication for Management and Leadership EducationNotesReferencesLAOCOÖN, LEADERSHIP AND WISDOMAs TextBeware of Gifts from GreeksAs SculptureAs MontageLaocoon, Wisdom and LeadershipAs TextAs SculptureAs MontageAcknowledgementsNotesReferencesHOW YOU WANNA GO?: Learning from the Unfortunate RakeMemento Mori: Introducing ... the End!?!Images of Success: Who is the Rake?An Ambivalent FigureLiving the Good LifeThe Inevitability of Death: Why is the Rake Unfortunate?Cut Down in my PrimeA Story of Our TimeLife Facing Death: How You Wanna Go?I Ought to KnowRolling AlongJazz Band on the Tailgate: Of What Do the Muses Sing?Leadership by the MusesLeadership as Collective ActionLeadership as Non-DoingReferencesTHE STORY OF MERLIN AS A TALE OF WISDOMIntroductionMerlin as Arche-TypeMerlin as Archetype of Magician and Wise Man: Being a MultitudeOrigin and Destiny of MerlinLessons for Leadership and OrganizationMerlin as Mentor and Counselling Adviser for the Arthur(ian) WorldMerlin and the Round(ing) Table as Proto-integral Leadership and for Instituting GovernanceMerlin Guiding the Quest(-ion) of and for the Holy (Inter-)GrailLessons for Leaders and Leadership on the QuestMerlin as TricksterMerlin as Mad Wild Man - Return Forward to ‘Nature-Culture’ and Embodied Spirituality or Kinship Instead of KingshipBorne to be Wild?! Enfleshed Wild Be(com)ingLesson and Guiding Questions for LeadershipMerlin as Tragic Romantic Lover?Merlin and ‘Engaged Gelassenheit’Conclusion as OpeningNotesReferences

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