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A Narrative Approach to Social Media Mourning: Small Stories and Affective Positioning

Why Mourning?Mourning and Social MediaMediatizationSocial MediatizationStructure of the BookNotesReferencesHistories of MourningIntroductionComing to Terms With DeathMourning or Grief?Approaches to Mourning and GriefCultural Performances of MourningMourning, Narrative, and AffectMourning in (Late) ModernityIs Death Taboo?The Reportability and Tellability of DeathMourning and Death in the Age of SharingThe Interdisciplinary Study of Death OnlineKey Tenets for the Study of Social Media MourningNotesReferencesA Small Stories Approach to Social Media MourningIntroductionNarrativeThe Pervasiveness of NarrativeNarrative TurnsThe Turn to Narrative ExperienceThe Turn to Linguistic StructureThe Turn to PerformanceThe Turn to PracticeThe Turn to Small StoriesSharing Small Stories OnlineShared Stories and ParticipationSharing Illness, Death, and Mourning as Small StoriesSmall Stories and PositioningAffective PositioningPositioning CuesDeixis as Positioning CuesResearch MethodsThe Case StudiesRemix Research MethodsEthics in Digital ResearchConclusionNotesReferencesSmall Stories of Illness and Dying on YouTubeIntroductionVlogging on CancerIllness NarrativesThe Case Study: Charlotte’s JourneyCoding the VlogStorying and PositioningIdentity PositioningSelecting Content for SharingEmergent NarrativityThe ‘Big’ Story of Charlotte’s JourneySmall Storying the Illness Experience“Bad News”: Breaking News of Illness“Fed Up”: Envisualizing IllnessThe Vlogger’s ‘Backstage’Types of ParticipationShifts in Emplotment and Affective PositioningSummaryConclusionNotesReferencesSmall Stories of Everyday Mourning on FacebookIntroductionThe Case StudyThe Facebook Memorial GroupSelecting Memorial ContentStyling and Negotiating Posts on the Memorial WallStorying as Breaking News Stories of RemembranceShared Moments of MourningSelecting and Storying Moments of Grief Across TimeHabitual Stories of Mourning as PositioningTime, Space, and Affective PositioningSummaryConclusionNotesReferencesSmall Stories of Ecstatic Mourning on TwitterIntroductionTwitter as a Hub of SharingHashtags: Forms and FunctionsThe Case StudyHashtag Storying#CharlieHebdo as a Microstory ResourceSharing #JeSuisCharlie as a Reference Small Story#JeSuisCharlie as an Affective Positioning ResourceEcstatic Sharing in Affective LandscapesSummaryConclusionNotesReferencesVisual Small Stories of Mourning on TwitterIntroductionSharing the Image of a Dead ChildRegarding the Death of the OtherThe Case StudyImages as (Re)sources of Semiotic MeaningMultimodal Frames in Print HeadlinesRescripting the Plot of Alan Kurdi’s Visual StorySharing Viewable StoriesThe Hashtag #JeSuisAylan as an Affective Positioning ResourceAfter the Outpouring of GriefSummaryConclusionNotesReferencesAppendix 1Small Stories of Mourning and Affective PositioningSummaryA Narrative Approach to MourningSelecting PracticesStorying PracticesPositioning PracticesFrom Life-Writing of the Moment to Death-Writing of the MomentDirections in the Study of Death OnlineDirections in the Study of Affect OnlineDirections in the Study of NarrativeNotesReferences

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