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Organisation and Functions of the NDL (April 2008)

In April 2008, the acquisitions department and bibliography department were integrated into a single acquisitions and bibliography department (see Fig. 4.18, drawing on data from 2010). Thus, the NDL had attempted to improve work productivity by integrating functional units in order to enhance the strength of the organisation.

As Machiko Nakai (2008) noted, ‘the library’s so-called production line becomes seamless’, and as Osamu Motohashi (2008) explained, ‘office work can become more efficient by combining acquisitions with bibliography work’, the objective of integration is clearly to reduce the handing over of work between organisations. Separate departments that are each devoted to a single function can lead to improved work productivity, but this separation also means that it becomes easier to outsource a particular function/service. Recently, the outsourcing of photocopying services is proof of the influence of this restructuring.

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