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Critique in a Neoliberal Age

Arguments and themescontentsReferencesCritique as ideology critique in a neoliberal ageCritique as ideology critiqueMarket justice and social justice: drawing the battle linesThe battle between political rationalitiesIdeology critique in a neoliberal ageConcluding remarksReferencesSociology and critiquePeter Wagner: sociology as a political projectAxel Honneth: sociology’s contribution to critical theoryAgnes Heller: sociology as critique in the neoliberal universitiesReferencesThe dialectic of critique and progress: Comparing Peter Wagner and Theodor AdornoPeter Wagner: progress reconstructedTheodor Adorno: progress in the age of catastropheThe dialectics of progress and critique: challenges to Eurocentric social theoryConclusion: a critical humanist reconstruction of ‘progress’?ReferencesThe embedded market and ideology critiqueThe ‘embedded economy’ as critiqueCapitalism’s new spiritFictitious commodities and ideology critiqueConclusion: reflections on Axel Honneth’s PolanyiReferencesCommon cause? The political rationalities of populism and neoliberalismPopulism: a politically flexible mode of mobilization?Fever warning or democracy’s inner enemy?A revival of the political?ConclusionReferencesDe-politicizing needs: Therapy culture and the ‘happiness turn’Obstacles for normatively grounded critiqueEva Illouz: immanent critiqueTherapy culture and ideology critiqueConclusionReferencesThe rationality potentials of intimacy: In search of a critical pulseNormative continuitiesNormative discontinuitiesNegotiating a field of tensions: insights drawn from HegelConclusionReferencesThe critic’s role: Debating Nancy Fraser’s feminismFeminism as critique‘Gender justice’ and the neoliberal offensiveStruggling with neoliberal ‘resignifications’ConclusionReferencesLearning from the Budapest School women: The politics of need interpretationFeminism without revolution?Feminism as radical needFeminism and the politicization of needsWomen and successConclusion: a cast of feminist charactersReferences

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