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Gender, politics, news : a game of three sides

AcknowledgmentsWomen and Politics: Then and NowIntroductionA Little Bit of TheorySex, Politics, and PerceptionRedressing the Balance: Some Strategies for ChangeBut Seriously, Do Quotas Even "Work"?More Women Politicians as a Demonstrably Good Thing?ConclusionsNotesGender and Newsroom CulturesSurvival TacticsSexism in the Newsroom - Who Knew?Beats and BylinesThe Post-Ironic Denial: Harassment Is Really Just a Bit of Friendly "Banter"The Double Whammy of Gender and AgeSo What? Squaring the Difference Circle, or NotConclusionNotesI Wouldn't Start From Here: A Little Bit of HerstoryGendered FrameworldsGender Bias as Global PhenomenonIt's Not Just WordsThe Double Bind of Race and GenderOne Woman On Top, Sort Of: Some Interesting Insights from a Very Small Case StudyWomen Talk BackOur Bodies, OurselvesDoes It Tick Your Box? Gendered News and Citizens' ViewsConclusionNotesA Woman Leader? Shirley Shome Mishtake?Style PoliticsWhat's in a Name, Girl?The Politician and her Party: Dancing the Two-StepAngela Merkel (Germany, 2005-)Sarah Palin (USA, bid: 2008)Julia Gillard (Australia, 2010-2014)Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberia, 2006-)Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (Argentina, 2007-2015)Helen Clark (New Zealand, 1999-2008)Hillary Rodham Clinton (USA, bid: 2008)Hillary (bid: 2015-2016)What Makes a Winning Woman?A Short Herstory of the First LadyThe First Lady and the Journalist: Terms of EngagementThe Personal Is Always Political: Two Iconic First LadiesNot Only But Also: The Wives of Other Top PoliticosOn the Other Hand ... the Political HusbandPolitical Spouse as Electoral AssetConclusionScandalous Acts: The Power to Define the AgendaPost-Scandal Damage LimitationScandal as Political StrategyStand By Your Man ... or NotScandology and the Woman Question: The Double Damnation of Sex and TransgressionThe Tariff of ShameScandal as Modern-Day Morality TaleScandal and the Democratic TurnWomen, Men, and Scandal: A Different Agenda?Conclusions IntroductionIn Their Own Words...The Last Word ... So What?NotesSelect Bibliography
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