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Configuring new routes

We need to add the following three new routes for our REST API, which is located at





GET /REST/api/product/all

controllers.RestAPIController.listAllProducts GET /REST/api/review/all


GET /REST/api/image/all controllers.RestAPIController.listAllImages

As you can see, we mapped all the list operations we just created.

Testing the API using the browser

Now we can run $ activator run and test our new REST API using our web browser. Go to http://localhost:9000/REST/api/product/all; you should see something similar to the following screenshot:

Let's look at the review API.

Go to http://localhost:9000/REST/api/review/all; you should see results similar to the following screenshot:

Finally, let's check out the image of REST API.

Go to http://localhost:9000/REST/api/image/all; you should see results similar to the following screenshot:

OK. Now we will continue to work with REST. We just finished the server; however, it is important to create a REST client to consume these REST APIs.

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