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What Is RNPE Evaluation? Does Metrics Mean the Same?

Abstract In this chapter, we directly approach the contemporaneous evaluation formula centered on the use of metrics to evaluate the research and researchers’ productivity. We tell the reader a partial history of evaluation stating its role and importance in transmitting values and cultures and being nowadays a global imperative for higher education. In this context, we defend research networks participatory evaluation as a useful and necessary asset and being a competitive advantage to those organizations and institutions whose mission includes improving and valuing knowledge production. For networks research groups interested in micro-level evaluations, we suggest a protocol and qualitative and quantitative indicators to carry out a participatory evaluation. We also present some exogenous evaluation indicators for meso- and macro-level research networks evaluation. Finally, we conclude the chapter by reviewing the advantages of evaluating in a participatory manner with or without the most common metrics.

Keywords Research networks participatory evaluation (RNPE) • Metrics • History of evaluation • Qualitative indicators • Quantitative indicators • Participatory evaluation © The Author(s) 2017

D. Leite, I. Pinho, Evaluating Collaboration Networks in Higher Education Research, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-45225-8_6

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