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Big Data

Big data in criminology and criminal justice through the lens of the business literatureIntroductionBig data - what is it?Big data challengesShaping the cultureThe process underlying big data and data analyticsThe current context on big data in criminology and criminal justiceBig data and criminologyBig data and criminal justiceThe current volumeReferencesThe data are everywhere: integrating criminology and epidemiology and improving criminal justiceIntroductionCurrent focusBig data criminologyBig data informing criminal justice and enhancing public safety'Big data obstacles and solutionsConclusionNotesReferencesBig data and criminology from an AI perspectiveIntroductionBig data and artificial intelligenceMachine learningData miningAl in criminologyCase studiesFictionMinority ReportPersons of InterestRealityCrime Anticipation SystemPredPolOperation LASERWhat are the pros and cons?Trap WireWhat does the future hold for Al within the field of criminology?NotesReferencesFuture applications of big data in environmental criminologyIntroductionMaking better small data with big dataBig data, data mining, and machine learning in environmental criminology'Predictive analysis and big dataCo-offending network analysisCo-offending networksCo-offending network analysis in practiceOrganised crime group detectionOrganised crime group detection using community detectionCo-offence predictionDirections and issues moving forward for big data in environmental criminologyReferencesLeveraging police incident data for intelligence-led policingIntroductionState of the artHot spot policingMethodResultsSimilarity among all incident recordsAdministrative attributesGeographical distributionFocusing on criminal incidentsFocusing on priority 1 incidentsSocial networks built from co-presenceConclusionReferencesThe challenges and concerns of using big data to understand cybercrimeIntroductionBig dataBig data and traditional crimeThe problem of cybercrimeBig data techniques applied to cybercrimeForums, bulletin boards, and newsgroupsWebsites, blogs, and textsEmail as a data sourceDeveloping metrics for hidden forms of victimisationChallenges and dilemmasFuture solutions to cybercrinieReferencesGenetics, bioethics, and big dataGenetic testimony in judicial systemsGenetics and bioethics in the age of big dataBig data and biobanking in the criminology contextThe future of big data and genetics in criminologyReferencesBig data: generic roadmaps as global solutions for practiceIntroductionRoadmap for creating a culture receptive to big dataRoadmap for implementing a systematic, data analytics-driven processConclusionReferences

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