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Illuminating Faith: An Invitation to Theology

Faith in the BibleA unique notionThe Old TestamentThe New TestamentStudy questionsFurther readingPersonal Faith: St. AugustineSynthesisTwo kinds of faithAugustine’s witnessThe BibleInstrumental faith and personal faithThe eyes of faithStudy questionsFurther readingEcclesial FaithPersonal or collective?BaptismChurch as witnessChurch and the GospelsThe Holy SpiritStudy questionsFurther readingThe Limits of Reason 1: The Council of OrangeReligion and philosophyChristianity claims it is unbelievable without God to helpAugustine versus PelagiusThe Council of Orange (529)Rejection of dual predestination (to hell and to heaven)Setting limits to reasonStudy questionsFurther readingThomas Aquinas: Systematic FaithHow theology becomes ‘Scholastic’The need for faithFormal object and material object of faithTheology as a scienceStudy questionsFurther readingFaith, Hope and Love: The Supernatural VirtuesVirtueSupernatural virtueReformation viewsStudy questionsFurther readingFaith and the Freedom to Serve: Martin LutherThe good newsFree and boundFaith and reasonStudy questionsFurther readingFaith as Knowledge, Assent and Trust: Protestant ScholasticismWhat is Protestant scholasticism?The Lutheran scholasticsThe reformed ScholasticsThe aftermathStudy questionsFurther readingFaith and Rebirth: PietismBorn from abovePietismThe PuritansWesley and Christian perfectionStudy questionsFurther readingFaith Ridiculed: Hume’s Bonfire of the Vanities of Christian RationalismThe wars of faith and reasonSatireSocinianismIs the Trinity easily intelligible?The representative doctrine of perceptionDavid Hume (1711-1776): satirical ‘Catholic atheist’ and champion YahooTwo storiesStudy questionsFurther readingPure Religious Faith: Immanuel KantA Copernican TurnAre the old arguments for the existence of God still valid?Was Kant an atheist?How can we genuinely believe in God?Study questionsFurther readingFaith and Feeling: Friedrich SchleiermacherRomanticismThe Christian FaithStudy questionsFurther readingFaith and the Absolute: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelHegel and the Christian notion of faithHegel’s discussion of his contemporaries’ viewHegel’s notion of faith in his own systemStudy questionsFurther readingFaith and Paradox: S0ren KierkegaardFoolishness to the GreeksStudy questionsFurther readingThe Limits of Reason II: Vatican IDivi Filius: Church and StateOver the top about faith or reasonPius IXStudy questionsFurther readingFaith and the Faithfulness of God: Karl BarthCommentary on RomansHow Barth changed his mindFaithfulness of god, not human beingsStudy questionsFurther readingThe Dynamics of Faith: Paul TillichTillich’s place in theologyApproaches to faithFaith as ultimate concernFaith as courage to beStudy questionsFurther readingKenotic Faith: Hans Urs von BalthasarThe trilogyFaith and philosophyTheological faithSeeing the formThe Christ-Form in the body of ChristStudy questionsFurther readingAnonymous Faith: Karl RahnerKarl Rahner’s place in theologyThe paradox of graceCategorical and transcendental revelationImplicit and explicit faithStudy questionsFurther readingFaith in Crisis: Death of God, Auschwitz and Militant AtheismThree developmentssecularizationDeath of GodAuschwitzMilitant atheismThe rebirth of faithStudy questionsFurther ReadingFaith and Science: Beyond ReciprocityIntroductionFaith and science: Varieties of a relationshipThe role of faith in scienceThe role of science in faithBeyond reciprocityStudy questionsFurther readingFaith and LiberationThe preferential option for the poorGod is blackFaith, sin and the selfStudy questionsFurther readingsBasic Beliefs: Reformed EpistemologyFoundationalism and philosophy of religionCalvinism: three reformersCollapse of classical foundationalismThe evidentialist challengeWhat does believing without evidence mean in this context?study questionsFurther readingThe Phenomenology of Faith:ThejourneyComparison with earlier doctrineWisdomFreedomLight from the crossTheology and philosophyStudy questionsFurther reading

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