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Investigations at the OTH

When designing fibre reinforced concrete, in Germany the DAfStb-Guideline “Steel fibre reinforced concrete” [2] is used, whereas in Austria the obv guideline “Fibre reinforced concrete” [3] is used. Both guidelines use unnotched beam testing for the determination of flexural strength and post crack strength. Therefore it makes sense to use the same test procedure for flexural creep testing.

In [3] a test procedure for creep tests is included in the informal part of this guideline. Tests done by the author of this paper have been the basis for these recommendations [4, 5]. This test procedure was followed, when performing the tests described in this paper. First tests started in autumn 2006, and since then the 12 test rigs have been used continuously.

For each type of fibre six beams 150 x 150 x 500 mm were cast and cured under water up to 28 days. Shortly before testing the beams were prepared for testing.

Testing Post Crack Behaviour

Testing was performed on beams under four-point flexural loading with a span of 450 mm. For the purpose of this investigation the beams were first tested under four-point flexural loading up to a deflection of 1.75 mm. The beams were then unloaded and prepared for creep test.

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