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Test Programs

Statically Determinate Beam Test

The purpose of the statically determinate beam test and corresponding creep setup is to obtain a comparison of the mechanical properties of different cracked FRC materials under long term sustained loading. As described in Table 3, all specimens are pre-cracked up to a predefined deflection (5pc) or crack mouth opening displacement (CMODpc) in either a 3-point or 4-point deflection controlled bending test (Fig. 1) to define their residual flexural load (Fr). The specimens are then moved to a permanent setup where they are subjected to their sustained load (Fcreep), which is defined as a fraction of Fr at 5pc or CMODpc. During the creep phase, the additional deflection due to creep (5creep) of all specimens is measured at regular time intervals.

Table 3 Overview of statically determinate beam tests

Creep program




Start program

May 2002

July 2010

October 2012

End program

August 2015


June 2015

Object size

L = 500 mm

L = 870 mm

L = 600 mm

W = 150 mm

W = 1500 mm

W = 150 mm

H = 50 mm

H = 40 mm

H = 150 mm

Type of test

4-point bending

3-point bending

3-point notched EN14651



50 % Fr

60 % Fr

60 % Fr

Spc or CMODpc

Spc = 5 mm

Spc = 3 mm

CMODpc = 0.5 mm

# specimens




# failed during test




Concrete type




Curing days

42 days

42 days

42 days

Fiber types

3D 65/35BG

3D 45/30BG

3D 65/60BG



5D 65/60BG



From left to right setup program A1; program A3; program A2

Fig. 1 From left to right setup program A1; program A3; program A2

As shown in Table 5, programs A1 and A3 contain a series of 3 specimens per fibre type. However, specimens which were accidentally overloaded in the pre-cracking phase were excluded from the test program. The average deflection due to creep (5creep,m) presented in this report is thus the average of the long term deflections of specimens included per series at the moment of failure or last measured point. Since all programs are executed with different setup and specimen size, the actual measured deflections out of different programs can’t be compared as such.

The first two test programs focus on the comparison between PFRC and SFRC, while the third program aims at a more standardised setup in line with the notched 3 point bending test EN14651 [2], where the influence 3D versus 5D fibres on the creep behaviour is investigated.

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