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Pre-cracking Phase

During this phase (described in paragraph 2, stage 3), slabs were positioned in the creep test device; the applied load was Fpre-cracking. The load was maintained constant until the deflection (measured from the moment Fpre-cracking was applied) exceeded 2 mm. For different types of reinforcement, the duration of this period varied a lot. For the 3 tested slabs of each RSC, results were either: consistent for BF01, BF02, BF05 and BF06; or highly variable for BF03, BF04 and WWM (see Table 4).

Most of the tested specimens reinforced with steel fibres, amorphous metallic fibres or welded mesh still had a deflection inferior to 2 mm under a load level of 120 % of the average maximum elastic force of their concrete matrix.

On the contrary, deflections of specimens reinforced with the tested polymeric fibres BF01 and BF05 exceeded 2 mm within a few minutes.

The behaviour of the specimens reinforced with the BF03 polymeric fibres was intermediate and varied from one specimen to another.

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