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Test Results and Analysis

Characterization Tests and Pre-cracking Process

Figure 2 shows the Stress-CMOD curves of the prisms -a to -d of each group during the initial cracking process (up to a CMOD of 0.5 mm) and the curves obtained during the bending tests performed in accordance to EN 14651 standard.

Table 1 presents the parameters obtained from the characterization tests (prisms -e) performed in accordance to the EN 14651 standard and the results of the pre-cracking process of the beams selected for the creep tests (prisms -a to -d). For each group of prisms the mean values and the COV are indicated, as well as those obtained from all specimens. Finally, the relative values offL,fmax, andfR1 of each width and the mean results of all specimens are calculated. It can be observed that there is a low variability in the measured stresses among the different groups of prisms width, and that the COV are as expected, lower than 10 % in the case offL and around 20 % for the residual stresses.

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