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  • 1 Poem by Roger Keyes. Unpublished work used with written permission of author. (No copyright.)
  • 2 Buddhist concepts and view are frequently referred to in this book as “dharma” or “Buddhadharma,” meaning in a general sense the teachings of Buddhism. In similar manner, the practice of Buddhism is called “dharma practice.”
  • 3 There were some very notable exceptions of course—important writings by others who creatively integrated psychotherapy and Buddhism and whose ideas helped shape the contours of my own journey. The references at the end of this chapter include a selected list of authors and sources that have informed my thinking. I want to especially recognize the work of the group at Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy in Boston, which is the foundation on which this book rests.
  • 4 I refer to the people I work with as “patients” rather than “clients” throughout, in accordance with the psychoanalytic clinical model.
  • 5 “Vipassana” is Buddhist insight meditation, mindfulness practice in the Theravadan tradition of Buddhism. My dharma study has been primarily in this school of American Buddhist thought.
  • 6 As already indicated, my dharma study has been primarily in the American Buddhist/ Theravadan-Vipassana tradition. My clinical work has been most influenced by the traditions of psychoanalytic Self Psychology, Intersubjectivity theory, Relational Psychoanalysis, and British Middle School Object Relations.
  • 7 “Contemplative relational psychotherapy” was a term co-created by myself and my colleague Concetta Alfano when we taught together at the Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy in Santa Monica, Calif., in 2006-2007.
  • 8 See for example: Aronson (2004); Bobrow (2007, 2010); Epstein (1995); Magid (2002); Jennings and Safran (2012); Rubin (1996) and Safran (2003).
  • 9 A glossary of terms is also included for easy reference.
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