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Tactile Display for Virtual 3D Shape Rendering

PrefaceDocument StructureRelated WorksVibrotactile DevicesTactile DisplaysForce Feedback SystemsForce Feedback Gloves and Wearable DevicesLocal Surface DisplayFull Shape DisplaysReferencesResearch Context and Concept of the SystemTraditional Product Design ProcessNew Product Design ProcessConcept of the System for Visual and Tactile RenderingSATIN System: Issues and Problems to SolveRendering performances.New System Specification and ArchitectureTactile system.Visualization System.ReferencesConceptual Development of the Tactile InterfaceCutting Plane and Geodesic TrajectoryConcentrated Parameters ModelControl SectorsLongitudinal Plane Solution and Transversal Plane SolutionLongitudinal Plane SolutionTransversal Plane SolutionKinematic of the SystemReferenceModule with Indirect Actuation SystemConcept of the ModuleConcept of the ModuleDevelopment of the Module Transmission SystemPositioning System on X-Y PlaneTorsion and Tangency Rotation SystemsTranslation System Along Z AxisKinematic AnalysisDesign of the Module and ComponentsAssembly of Three ModulesThe PrototypeDiscussion of Pros and LimitsModule with Direct Actuation SystemIssues and SolutionsDesign of the ModuleKinematic AnalysisGeometrical MethodAnalytical MethodThe Prototype and the Desktop StationThe ControlPhase 1: Surface Definition and ImportPhase 2: Managing of the Control PointsModality with Constant Distance Between Control PointsModality with Central Point Definition and Variable Distance Between Control PointsModality with Interval Definition and Variable Distance Between Control PointsPhase 3: Calculation of the Servomotors Positions and Sending of Serial SignalsDiscussion and Users TestCharacteristics of the Tactile Display DevelopedPerformances: Number of Control Points and Their DistancePerformances: Curvature RadiusModularityPortability and Implementation CostsSummary of the CharacteristicsComparison of the Various SystemsUsers Preliminary TestsLimits of the Tactile Display DevelopedAugmented Reality Visualisation SystemIntroduction to Augmented RealityVisualisation InterfacesIntegration with the Tactile InterfaceReferencesFuture Works
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