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Rendering performances.

This limitation is related to the tactile device, which has been developed within the context of the project. Also in this case, the limit lies in the relative placement of the actuation mechanisms. This means that:

  • • the distance between the control points of the surface cannot be lower than 90 mm;
  • • the distance between the control points cannot be varied;
  • • the system cannot represent curvature radii lower than 185 mm.

The main characteristics of the SATIN system are shown in Table 3.1. The characteristics and corresponding values are used to define the requirements of the system that will be developed in this research work, and which will allow us to compare the values and evaluate the characteristics and performances of the new system.

Table 3.1 SATIN system main characteristics

SATIN system

Dimensions of the whole system

(2600 x 2100 x 1280)mm

Number of control points of the tactile interface


Distance among the control points of tactile interface

90 mm

Possibility to regulate in real time the distance among the control points


Reached radius by the tactile interface

185 mm





Implementation cost


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