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Tactile system.

The tactile display is connected to the computer by means of a USB cable. Thanks to this connection it is possible to send the serial signal to the motor control board that is installed on the tactile interface. This component has the task to send the pulses to the motors necessary to move the mechanisms that will deform the strip according to the data computed by the software. In this way the physical representation of the virtual surface is obtained.

Visualization System.

Concerning the visualisation process, the data of the virtual surface is sent to a dedicated Augmented Reality software. The user wears a specific device, such as Head Mounted Display or AR glasses, which are equipped with a detection camera. This camera tracks the position of specific markers that are placed on the tactile interface. Thanks to this process, which is performed in a loop, it is possible to compute in real-time the position of the 3D model with regard to an absolute frame of reference. These data are used by the visualisation system to project the visual render in the correct position according to the users point of view. Surface Render. Therefore, it is possible to obtain the Surface Render, which consists in the Tactile Rendering, provided by the tactile system and in the Visual Rendering performed by the Visualisation System.


  • 1. Hapticmaster.
  • 2. OptiTrack.
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