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Assembly of Three Modules

After having designed the module, it is possible to simulate the behaviour of the device made up of three identical modules (as shown in Fig.5.8), which is the minimum number needed to control the deformation of the strip. By assembling these modules alternately, it has been possible to obtain an interface with 3 modules, whose control sectors are placed at a nominal distance of 80 mm. This value has been selected solely to test the first version of the interface, since it represents a good compromise between the size of the workspace and the minimum value of the radius of the reached curvature. Since the modules are totally independent, it is possible to choose a lower value of nominal distance. The positioning systems along the axes X, Y and Z as well as those responsible for the rotation т and в can represent geodesic trajectories with minimum curvature radius of 40 mm. Moreover, thanks to the rotation around в it is possible to control the tangency of the strip to the control sector, and therefore, change the local curvature, as presented in Fig. 5.9. This capability allows us to control more precisely the elastic deformation of the plastic strip.

Assembly of 3 modules

Fig. 5.8 Assembly of 3 modules

Influence of the tangency control

Fig. 5.9 Influence of the tangency control

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