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Performances: Number of Control Points and Their Distance

The prototype has been developed by integrating three modules with direct actuation system. This is the minimum number of modules that are needed to control the deformation of the strip. Thanks to the modular configuration of the system, it is possible to add a higher number of modules. Actually, there is not a maximum number of modules, since this value depends on the length of the longitudinal rail, which can be selected according to the kind of surfaces to render.

The handling systems along transversal planes, in addition to facilitate the modular configuration, also allow developing independent modules with absolute configuration that can be organized with alternately disposition. Thanks to this feature, the distance between two adjoined control points only depends on the width of the upper extremity of the element Arm2. Therefore, the minimum value of the nominal distance between two control points is 35 mm.

The developed system allows the control sectors to slide on the strip. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to place the control sector in a given point of the trajectory, such as point of maximum, point of minimum or inflexion points. This allows choosing in real-time the best configuration of the Tactile Display according to the characteristics of each trajectory that has to be rendered (Fig. 7.1).

The low value of minimum distance between the control points and the possibility of managing this distance in real-time, as explained in Sect.6.1, represents a strong improvement with respect to the devices developed so far, and allows obtaining low value of curvature radii that can be rendered.

Management of the distance between control sectors

Fig. 7.1 Management of the distance between control sectors

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