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Portability and Implementation Costs

The whole interface, which consists of the desktop station and the modules, has approximately the following dimensions: 500 mm of width, 350mm of height and 400 mm of depth. Regarding the device weight, it is approximately 6 Kg.

For what concerns the portability and the desktop feature, all the modules can be easily removed from the rail so as to ensure safe and compact packaging.

To use the interface on a common workstation it is sufficient to connect its power supply to the electricity grid, in order to provide power. Then, it is possible to connect the device to a PC/laptop by means of a USB cable. After that, it is possible to start the software, thus making the interface ready to work. All these characteristics ensure portability and the possibility to use the Tactile Display as a desktop device.

Modularity of the system

Fig. 7.2 Modularity of the system

Scalability feature of the module

Fig. 7.3 Scalability feature of the module

Regarding the implementation costs it is difficult to make an accurate estimation. All the elements have been built by using commercial profiles and commercial components. The material and components needed to develop the prototype have required less than 1.000 Euros. Therefore, it is possible to assume that the proposed solution is less expensive than similar devices developed in research Labs.

Summary of the Characteristics

The described main features can be summarized as shown Table7.1.

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