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A short course of lectures
«True Emotions»

Emotional authenticity as sincerityAuthenticity in cultural contextThe problem of rationalityFrom true emotions to sentimental valuesDe Sousa on emotional authenticityThe challenges of neosentimentalismThe problem of flexibilityNonconceptual content: Cognitive or noncognitive?The problem of emotional authenticity at workProcess-oriented appraisal theoriesEmotional authenticity for Hochschild and beyondEmotional truth and appropriatenessAn Aristotelian objection to authentic emotional ambivalenceAppropriateness as correctnessA. Subpersonal and subdoxastic nonconceptual contentEmotional authenticity as integrityEvaluation of the two process modelsThe problem of autonomyEmotional truth and accuracyCognition in the structure of emotionCognition in emotion at the functional level of analysisRecalcitrant emotionsConceptual contentCausally efficacious cognitive monitoringCognition in the dynamics of emotionAuthenticity as regulative ideal of coherencePsychological constructionismC. Fine-grained nonconceptual contentThe conflation problemThe argument for cognitivism from emotion regulationAuthenticity and occupational emotionsProfessional values, virtues, and emotionsWhat emotions truly are?Cognition in emotion at the algorithmic level of analysisEmotions and truth-aptnessReasons of fitDe Sousa on emotional truthAuthenticity and sincerityEmotional truthRecalcitrant and managed emotionsManaged emotionsThe antinomy of emotional authenticityAppropriateness as truthA case study: Authentic emotional labour in nursingNonconceptual appraisals as constitutive causes of emotionEmotional truthWhat is emotional authenticity?AcknowledgementsEmotional authenticityWhat is emotional truth?Bolton's typology of emotion management at workMental causes in the constitution of emotionImplicit, effortless, and nonconscious regulationThe efficiency of intrinsic emotion regulationCognitive process models of emotionNonconceptual contentB. Noninferential nonconceptual contentConcluding remarks
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