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A short course of lectures
«True Emotions»

The challenges of neosentimentalismCausally efficacious cognitive monitoringCognition in the structure of emotionC. Fine-grained nonconceptual contentAuthenticity in cultural contextEvaluation of the two process modelsThe problem of autonomyFrom true emotions to sentimental valuesNonconceptual appraisals as constitutive causes of emotionEmotions and truth-aptnessThe argument for cognitivism from emotion regulationWhat emotions truly are?What is emotional authenticity?Appropriateness as correctnessNonconceptual contentAppropriateness as truthDe Sousa on emotional truthB. Noninferential nonconceptual contentMental causes in the constitution of emotionEmotional authenticity as integrityThe efficiency of intrinsic emotion regulationAuthenticity as regulative ideal of coherenceNonconceptual content: Cognitive or noncognitive?A case study: Authentic emotional labour in nursingAuthenticity and occupational emotionsThe antinomy of emotional authenticityEmotional truthThe conflation problemCognitive process models of emotionThe problem of rationalityCognition in emotion at the algorithmic level of analysisProcess-oriented appraisal theoriesEmotional truth and appropriatenessConcluding remarksCognition in the dynamics of emotionProfessional values, virtues, and emotionsAn Aristotelian objection to authentic emotional ambivalenceEmotional authenticity as sincerityRecalcitrant emotionsConceptual contentBolton's typology of emotion management at workManaged emotionsEmotional authenticityPsychological constructionismReasons of fitEmotional truth and accuracyEmotional authenticity for Hochschild and beyondCognition in emotion at the functional level of analysisThe problem of flexibilityThe problem of emotional authenticity at workEmotional truthA. Subpersonal and subdoxastic nonconceptual contentDe Sousa on emotional authenticityAuthenticity and sincerityRecalcitrant and managed emotionsAcknowledgementsImplicit, effortless, and nonconscious regulationWhat is emotional truth?
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