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Elina N. Moustaira is Professor at the School of Law, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. Prof. Moustaira was Delegate of Greece: at the UNIDROIT-ICAO Governmental Experts’ Conference in Rome (2000), at the Diplomatic Conference for the adoption of the Cape Town Convention/Aircraft Protocol in Cape Town (2001), at the Diplomatic Conference for the adoption of the Rail Rolling Stock Protocol in Luxembourg (2007), at UNIDROIT Experts’ Committees in Rome and Berlin (2008), at the UNCITRAL General Assembly in New York (June- July 2008), at UN Committees in Vienna (2009). Prof. Moustaira is Member of the: Hellenic Council of Nationality, Ministry of Interior (2000-2013), Societa Italiana per la Ricerca nel Diritto Comparato, Wissenschaftiche Vereinigung fur Internationales Verfahrensrecht, Hellenic section of the Commission Internationale de l’Etat Civil, International Law Association and of its Cultural Heritage Law Committee, International Academy of Comparative Law, World Society of Mixed Jurisdictions Jurists, Editorial Board of the International Journal of Cultural Property, Deutsche Vereinigung der Zivilprozessrechtslehrer, Juris Diversitas, Board of Directors of the Hellenic Society for Technology and Construction Law, and various other Foreign and Hellenic law associations. Legal advisor of the Minister of Justice (2009). She is author of 9 books and of about 100 articles, chapters in collective books, commentaries on courts’ decisions, book reviews.

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