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Tri-generation System Integration and Evaluation


This chapter evaluates the novel tri-generation system concept that is the focus of this thesis. It seeks to address, or at least narrow, the current research gap with an evaluation based on experimental evidence generated in a laboratory setting. In so doing the evaluation quantifies the performance of the system and offers suggestions for future work in the field.

An extensive review of the literature presented in Chap. 2, has shown that an SOFC liquid desiccant tri-generation system will be the first of its kind. Simulations, presented in Chap. 4, of the novel tri-generation system demonstrate the potential for high tri-generation efficiency and PED reductions.

This chapter evaluates two SOFC liquid desiccant tri-generation systems. First, Sect. 7.2 presents a theoretical integration analysis, based on collected empirical SOFC CHP and liquid desiccant data. Second, an experimental tri-generation system is introduced. Section 7.3 provides a summary of this novel experimental tri-generation system configuration, experimental set-up, instrumentation and experimental method. Section 7.4 presents the results and analysis from both the experimental SOFC CHP system sub component tests, and the complete SOFC liquid desiccant tri-generation system tests. Finally, Sect. 7.5 concludes the chapter, with particular respect to the achievement of the thesis aim.

As highlighted in Chaps. 4 and 6, it is the operation of the desiccant system that will need to be optimised to facilitate successful tri-generation system integration. This is due to limited variation in the SOFC CHP system’s operation and thus outputs. Chapter 6 established that the SDCS, compared to the IDCS presented in Chap. 5, demonstrates greater potential for tri-generation system integration. This is due to balanced operation, zero desiccant leakage and greater operational control. As a result, it is the SDCS that is adopted for tri-generation system © Springer International Publishing AG 2017

T. Elmer, A Novel SOFC Tri-generation System for Building Applications, Springer Theses, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-46966-9_7

integration. To avoid repetition, the Chap. 6 SDCS experimental set-up, experimental method and results are not repeated but referred to where necessary.

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