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The Domestic Violence Act of 2010

The Domestic Violence Act bill was passed in 2010 due to the increasing problem of domestic violence in Uganda. The Act provides for the protection of victims of domestic violence. According to the Act, children who live in a household experiencing domestic violence can be removed from their homes by the local leaders in the community. Further, any person can apply for an interim domestic violence protection order to protect a child, and such children can be taken into custody of another person/institution. The greatest challenge to the implementation of this Act is the lack of resources available to take care of such children.

The Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act No. 5 of 2010

This Act was enacted in response to the judgement of the constitution court that declared female genital mutilation unconstitutional in the case of Law and Advocacy for Women in Uganda Vs Attorney General, 2007. Female genital mutilation is practised by three tribes in Uganda on children. The Act prohibits female genital mutilation and other offences related to it. The Act also provides rules and regulations for the prosecution and punishment of offenders and the protection of victims and potential victims. A perpetrator of genital mutilation is liable to imprisonment not exceeding 10 years. The Act creates extraterritorial jurisdiction for offences done out of the country. It is also an offence not to report an act of mutilation. Despite this, however, the practice has persisted. Currently, the government has decided to use persuasion rather than legal means to tackle this problem.

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