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Influence of Adults Who Mentor Juveniles

One of the juveniles I interviewed who was a street kid indicated that he was lured into criminal activity by adult criminals on the street who became his mentors. This is in agreement with Kyeyune’s findings on street kids (Kyeyune, 1999). Cases of juveniles working with adults to commit crimes are common in Uganda. For example, in the case of Uganda vs Businge Kugonza & 2 others, 2012, the accused with two juveniles murdered a person in the process of robbing a mobile phone. The juveniles pleaded guilty and were sentenced separately from the accused. Their mentor was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

In some instances however, juveniles have committed offences of murder on their own. In the case of Uganda Vs the Juvenile (O.R), 2014, the accused was a primary school pupils aged 11 years. He killed a fellow pupil. When the deceased was grazing goats, he strangled him and tied his body with a rope on a tree. He was found guilty of murder. What is surprising is the thought and planning that went behind the execution of the murder by this juvenile.

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