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The Criminal Law of China provides that for offenders who commit relatively minor offenses and do not need criminal punishment, noncriminal punishments/ sanctions can be imposed. These alternative sanctions include the following: reprimand or order the offender to make a statement of repentance, order the offender to offer an apology or pay compensation for the losses, impose administrative penalty or administrative sanctions by the competent department, order the juvenile’s parents or legal guardian(s) to strictly discipline him/her, or put the juvenile under government custody for reform and reeducation (Gao and Zhang 2008). These sanctions, however, are not all juvenile-specific sanctions. The Criminal Law does not provide specific explanation on how these sanctions should be carried out. In addition, many sanctions such as community services and participation in collective counseling, as described in the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice, are not covered. It is believed that the Chinese Criminal Law lacks a chapter to systematically address alternative sanctions on juvenile offenders (Gao and Zhang 2008).

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