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Juvenile Classification Home

Juvenile classification homes house those juveniles who have been there from the Family Court when the court orders “protective detention” pending court proceedings. Professionals at the juvenile classification home assess the juveniles under their care using medical science, psychology, and pedagogy. This evaluation provides relevant information for the investigation and hearing by the Family Court. In the event that measures prescribed in the referral of a juvenile to a juvenile classification home are implemented, the period for which the juvenile is committed to the juvenile classification home shall not exceed 2 weeks; however, the period may be renewed by the court’s ruling if continued commitment is particularly needed. The renewal pursuant to the provision of the preceding paragraph shall not take place more than once; however, the renewal may take place up to two additional times in certain situations. According to Article 4 of the Act related to juvenile classification homes, boys and girls shall be segregated. Fifty-two juvenile classification homes (including one branch school) are currently in place nationwide.

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