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Research on juvenile crime for many years has focused on boys’ criminality while delinquent girls were in the background (Rode 2009). Currently, a growing interest in crime committed by girls may be observed although research in this area is still limited.

Family court statistics indicate that in the last decades the number of girls adjudicated due to ‘punishable acts’ have grown faster than the number of boys. On a basis of those statistics Wieczorek (2006) found that the percentage of girls in the population of adjudicated juveniles increased from 6.2 % in 1985 to 8.8 % in 1998. He also stated that the trend toward growing proportion of girls in the population of juvenile offenders was confirmed by the analysis of the ratio of adjudicated girls in relation to 10 thousand population of girls which went up at a faster rate than was the case with adjudicated boys (p. 74). In the years 20042014 the same tendency was visible in court statistics. Although boys still represent the overwhelming majority of juveniles adjudicated due to ‘punishable acts’ (Fig. 17.5), the proportion of girls increased from 13 % in 2004 to 21 % in 2014.

At the same time there has also been a rise in the proportion of girls adjudicated due to ‘signs of demoralization.’ In 2004, one out of four juveniles adjudicated in such proceedings was a girl and in 2014—one out of three (Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwosci [Ministry of Justice] 2015a). The growing participation of girls

Number of boys and girls adjudicated due to punishable acts in the years 2004-2014. Source

Figure 17.5. Number of boys and girls adjudicated due to punishable acts in the years 2004-2014. Source: Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwosci (Ministry of Justice 2015a). Wydzial Statystycznej Informacji Zarz^dczej Departament Strategii i Funduszy Europejskich. Nieletni—prawomocne orzeczenia w latach 2003-2014. Retrieved from pl/pl/baza-statystyczna/opracowania-wieloletnie/.

in the group of juveniles adjudicated by family courts in proceedings concerning both ‘punishable acts’ and ‘signs of demoralization’ inspires research on types of crimes committed by girls as well as causes of delinquency among girls (Wo zniakowska 2007). So far, the problem of different treatment of delinquent boys and girls has not been the subject of research.

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