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Participation in Coursework or Similar Activities, Art. 23 Paragraph 2 JCC

The coursework can be open to other participants and is not just designated for criminal offenders. Coursework includes social competence training, traffic instruction, healthcare courses or courses related to recreation activities, sex education, and alcohol education and drug education. They can also deal with targeted offender programs, such as social training courses for violent offenders, sexual delinquents, or traffic offenders. The requirement for attendance in such courses can be linked to a fine.

Fines, Art. 24 JCC

Juveniles who at the time of the crime have finished their 15th year can be punished with a monetary fine of no more than 2000 CHF. If the fine is imposed, special consideration is given to the juvenile’s personal situation. Not provided for in juvenile criminal law is the envisaged monetary punishment in accordance with a “daily rate system” seen in adult criminal law. Monetary fines play a role particularly in instances of traffic offenses.

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