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Policing Juveniles

Law enforcement duties related to juveniles should be carried out by the juvenile units of law enforcement. The personnel in the juvenile units of law enforcement should be provided with training by their own agencies on topics such as juvenile law, prevention of juvenile delinquency, child development and psychology, and social services (CPL 2005).

In cases involving a juvenile offender, the police must notify the child’s parents or guardian, the Social Services and Child Protection Agency, and the Bar Association at the beginning of the investigation.

According to Article 65 of the Child Protection Law the investigation of offenses allegedly committed by persons under the age of 18 must be carried out by a prosecutor “assigned to the juvenile bureau.” The juvenile bureau is a unit of prosecutors assigned to cases involving juvenile offenders. Such bureaus have been established in big cities in Turkey. In places that lack these juvenile bureaus, the head prosecutor simply assigns one member of the office to cases involving juveniles (UNICEF 2009).

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