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Prisons and Punishment in Texas: Culture, History and Museological Representation

I Setting the Scene for Museological Research The Significance of Stories in Museum ResearchCultural Criminology and the Importance of MeaningUsing Museums as Sites for Criminological ResearchApproaching the Museum as a ResearcherConclusionBecoming a Texas TouristEastlandFort WorthHuntsvilleHoustonBeaumontAustinSan AntonioConclusionReferencesTelling Tales About a 'Tough Texas'Scholarly Accounts of Texan PunishmentTexan Punishment: The StatisticsTexan Punishment and the News MediaConclusionReferencesII Representing Punishment in the United States of AmericaEmotionality and Cultural Stories of (In)justiceNarratives of FearNarratives of VengeanceNarratives of ClosureConclusionReferencesThe Cultural Life of Punishment in the Southern StatesSouthern Stories About Punishment as PersonalisedSouthern Stories of Punishment and BacklashThe Single-State Focus and Punishment- Related TourismConclusionReferencesNarrative Possibilities in Cultural Life ResearchFrameworks for Punishment Narratives: Fear, Vengeance, Closure and RetributionFear NarrativesVengeance NarrativesClosure NarrativesRetribution NarrativesFramework for Punishment Narratives: Personalised Punishment and BacklashBacklash NarrativesA Narrative Variation: Punishment as a Tourist SpectacleConclusionReferencesIII The Punishment Museums of the Lone Star StateMuseum Stories of a Distinctly Tough TexasExamining Lone Star Museum Stories: The Narrative of Texan ToughnessConclusionToughness NarrativeReferencesDepicting Modern Punishment as Civilised PunishmentThe Texas Prison Museum and the Modernisation MotifThe Jail Cell ToursConclusionReferencesA Narrative Journey Through Inmate IdentitiesInmate Identity: Dangerous CriminalInmate Identity: Reformed PrisonerConclusionReferencesIV The Texan Self-identity Past and Present'Texanicity' and Its Punishment DimensionsLone Star Symbolism: The Punishment MuseumsLone Star Symbolism: Stepping Outside the Punishment MuseumsLone Star Symbolism: Texas as SeparateConclusionReferencesTexan Toughness and Lone Star Memories: The Alamo and the Old WestThe Importance of Historical Lone Star MemoriesThe Alamo MemoryI The Battle of GonzalesII The Siege of the AlamoIII The Battle of San JacintoThe Old West MemoryThe Cattle-Herding Cowboy and the Hostile FrontierThe Westward Pioneer and the Hostile FrontierConstructing Continuity Between Then and Now: Texanicity Past and PresentConclusionReferencesRe-imagining Texas as a Place of Harsh PunishmentRe-imagining Texas: The Cultural Life of Lone Star PunishmentRe-imagining Texas: The Cultural Life of Lone Star MemoriesRe-imagining Cultural Criminology: Memory, Museums and NarrativeConclusionReferencesEpilogue: So Where Do We Go from Here?Bibliography
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