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Writing Technologies and New Media

People can create slide shows that integrate audio narration to describe processes or propose changes. Designers create videos, including those that use virtual environments and place them on the Internet via YouTube for the public to find and view. However, these can also appear through links to Web sites. In this section I describe attributes of each medium affecting design and cognition. The specific examples of each medium that I mention to illustrate the problem and related attributes are associated with subsequent chapters.

Video Rhetoric

A medium common to multimodal forms of persuasion is video. Again, the tool’s ability to integrate various modes and one’s ability to use the tool affect design. iMovie and Movie Maker have their own strengths and weaknesses as video production tools. For example, iMovie allows for more tools to be used for viewing (export media) than Movie Maker; and iMovie is strictly for Mac machines while Movie Maker is for PCs; so the particular operating system one has greatly affects which tool one can use for video production. However, one uses such tools depending on how they understand they can be used. Some have more experience with a given tool than others, and this affects how they design persuasive messages with them.

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