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Fracking Commercial One Description

The primary commercial I use is a 30-second piece that includes images of a woman, identified by name and state association with print linguistic text as someone from Colorado, who claims to be an outdoor lover, walking through a mountainous landscape with a dog on a sunny day (Energy from Shale, 2015a). She is dressed for the walk wearing khaki pants, a long sporty shirt, and warm vest and boots. She carries a backpack as well. She walks along a mountain pathway and looks at tall trees, and she states in a voice-over narrative that she is “not a big city person. I grew up here. These are my streets; these are my skyscrapers.” She and the dog pass three other people; and they acknowledge each other with a friendly wave and smile but do not stop to talk, suggesting they are not familiar with each other. She explains that she is a geologist and works in the energy business, because she understands that fracking is part of energy’s future and she wants to make sure there is a balance between fracking activities and the environment’s protection. She reassures the viewer that fracking has been occurring safely for over 60 years. The commercial ends with another voice over, male, encouraging the viewer to learn more by going to a particular website while the screen shows text stating “Shale. The energy to do it right” in the center of the screen and textual information about who sponsored the commercial in small print near the bottom of the screen.

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