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Fracking Commercial Two Description

The second commercial is similar to the one I just described. It is a 30-second piece in which a woman narrates how her family allowed companies to build fracking rigs on their ranch after doing some research on its safety and benefits to the economy (Energy from Shale, 2015b). She explains that the ranch has been in the family for a long time; her husband’s grandparents built the ranch and they are working hard to maintain it and keep it in good condition. She acknowledges that her family was concerned about fracking and talked to many people

“about the facts.” She indicates that they found out that fracking is “safe for our land, our water, and the air.”

Throughout the commercial images of people working on the ranch are shown at various times of the day and include images of horses, cattle, and a child of approximately 5 years old. In fact, the commercial ends with an image of the couple, a horse, and the child mingling together at sunset as the commercial’s sponsor is shown and a voice over encourages the viewer to “get the facts.” Further, gentle, comforting music is played throughout.

Because this commercial is very similar to the first, I use many of the same attributes to discuss its relationship to the model.

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