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Narrative—Voice Over

As with the first commercial, she talks to the viewer about her background and concern for nature in a comforting tone; one might easily consider it a voice of reassuring concern, as if to say, “I’m concerned about it, too; and it’s okay.” The voice-facial expression combination considers the Inter-modal Sensory Redundancy attribute as well as Temporal Synchronicity; the narrative, tone and facial expressions re-enforce each other and they are provided at the same time.


The images shown are of the outdoors, eliciting hippocampus memories of the viewers’ own relationship with the outdoors. Unlike the first, though, there is an image of an oil drilling rig, shown for less than two seconds and in the background, the upper left corner of the screen, and taking up about 1/12 of the total space of the screen. An image of drilling equipment could be perceived negatively, but minimizing its appearance helps to filter the information we process. These engage prior Experience as well as Modal Filtering.

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