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Fracking Commercial Three Description

The third commercial I use is actually a 30-second radio commercial; it is exclusively audio testimony from the governor of Colorado (Colorado Oil and Gas Association, 2015). It is sponsored by an energy-related association in the state. Because it is a radio commercial, there cannot be visual images. Consequently, this message takes on some different attributes than the others to effect neural processes related to persuasion. The advertisement caused some concern, because it is recognized by many as the first time a sitting governor has been used in a testimonial to support a given political initiative.

In the commercial the governor identifies himself and explains that Colorado has passed some of the toughest laws pertaining to fracking to ensure safety. He states that the “conservation community and industry” came together to facilitate such laws, and he acknowledges the link to job creation and environmental protection. He never explicitly asks citizens to vote in favor of fracking activity. The sponsor is identified by a different speaker at the very end of the message.

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