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Narrative—Voice Over

While the previous two commercials emphasized safety through a tone of concern in the voice over, this message seems to emphasize authoritativeness in the safety message. As a recognized leader, the authoritative tone appeals to mirror neurons because of prior experience with leadership and authoritative messages.

The Intermodal Redundancy attribute is challenged somewhat because it is a radio commercial; but, again, the listener imagines an image. So, there may be implied redundancy in this case.


As with the other messages, the primary message here is safety; however, it also includes job creation as a selling point. This, of course, elicits reward neurons based on prior experience as well. Historically, job creation leads to more people having disposable income and more money is available in the geographic area. Other businesses benefit and individuals benefit from lower taxes and more retail options. They also have more money to be able to buy nice things. The more jobs that can be created, the better the economy can perform, perhaps leading to reduced taxes and/or more public support of various initiatives from taxes raised from employment within the fracking industry. Someone who is underemployed now or unemployed may perceive hope from the governor’s statement about job creation; he or she may be able to get a good-paying job in the industry and improve his or her economic situation. So, the listener equates support for fracking with economic rewards for him or herself, even if they are indirect.

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