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“Help Me Stay Rich Colorado” Series

In many cases, an organization will attempt to use humor and satire in political commercials. There is a series of three particular commercials associated with the effort to allow fracking in Colorado that apply a farcical approach encouraging Coloradoans to help international companies remain wealthy by continuing to use their oil products. One commercial, the longest of the set at two minutes, features a Russian character while the other two feature Middle Eastern characters. I apply a similar analysis to these commercials. All three are sponsored by the same organization, but not the energy industry, as was the case with the other commercials.

Russian Commercial Description (Help Me Colorado, 2014a)

This commercial shows a variety of images of Russia while a wealthy- looking male character, speaking English with a Russian accent, complains that his company and he stand to lose much wealth if Colorado turns to fracking, which would also upset the Russian president. Another male, intimidating-looking, appears in the commercial along with two models in sexy-looking outfits and showing lots of lingerie, using the appeal of sex. There are a total of three unique scenes showing the set of four characters. The first is in the main speaker’s very lavish house, the second is on a border with Ukraine and shows the two women holding weapons and dressed in military garb while the other male is dressed as a masked Ninja. The third shows them in front of an imperial-looking building. At different points in the commercial the spokesperson states that Coloradoans finding their own resource “is very disappointing” as he looks into the camera with a stern expression; “Russian energy is the best energy,” as he stands in the military scene; and “Independence is not good” in the scene in front of the Imperial building. Finally, near the end he appeals to Coloradoans to “help me stay rich.”

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