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Middle Eastern Commercials Description

Two commercials, much shorter in length at less than 20 seconds, show a Middle Eastern male appealing to voters using two different reasons to help him stay rich. In one he appears by himself in front of a strip club and says he needs help employing American women—presumably as strippers (Help Me Colorado, 2014b). In the other (Help Me Colorado, 2014c) he states that he needs to employ several chauffeurs for his wives as he stands in front of two cars and four males dressed as chauffeurs.

Spokesperson—Wealthy International Male

The use of a wealthy foreign persona to appeal to Coloradoans is meant to elicit fear from the amygdala based on prior experiences with news about aggression from those countries against other nations and their wealth related to oil production. The use of a wealthy person, flaunting his wealth would further incite a sort of contrary reward neural reaction; as if to say “why are we rewarding them when we should reward our own economy.”

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