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In each commercial the male spokesperson is shown wearing a fancy suit while the viewer also sees generally negative images of wealth and corruption. In the first Middle Eastern commercial, an image of a dancing girl is shown behind the man, as a dancing neon light. In the Russian commercial and the second Middle Eastern commercial the male is shown surrounded by images of wealth—cars or fancy home. So, the visual dominance attribute of the model is prominent and elicits several negative perceptions.

Narrative and Message: "Help Me Stay Rich"

The general narrative in all three commercials—I group them because all three attempt the same kind of appeal is that Americans have helped them to become wealthy and they fear losing profits to American companies; so, Americans should feel sorry for them and want to help them retain their wealth. Again there is a negative response from reward neurons such that the implied message of American independence will help America’s economy elicits reward neurons for the viewer to support fracking.


The five commercials discussed in this chapter provide evidence of the model’s application to multiple versions of the same specific message and in different primary modes. The primary medium used in each facilitates certain attributes of the message and modes used for the message. Even the radio commercial facilitates visualization because it uses a prominent public figure as the speaker, allowing the listener to draw on their memory of what that person looks like.

The model helps us to analyze existing messages to understand particular attributes of them and how they affect neurobiology and perception. The next chapter considers how one may use the model toward producing a persuasive message.

The next set of messages are drawn from the examples I used earlier. While I focused in previous chapters on particular attributes of the advertisements and messages, I detail an analysis related to the model here, calling attention to other attributes.

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