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Local Economic Situation Affecting Considerations

The biggest developments locally over the previous three years that affect political and economic dynamics involved in the levy argument include plans to develop a particular area as residential/commercial/ industrial and potential increase in population related to that. There is already a good commercial and industrial base, and real estate taxes, consequently, are not terribly high. In many wealthy areas that have little commerce or industry in them, taxes tend to be very high to cover the lack of those items; however, those residents tend to like having less industry in their area. There was also some backlash related to closing a golf course that was no longer profitable and was purchased by the city a few years prior. It has been converted to a park.

According to demographic data available publicly online, the city has a strong professional population and a median age of 46 years ( So, many are established professionals. An interesting piece of data is that the average stay of people once they move in is below the state average, suggesting that many live there for a while but then move out. This could be connected to the school district’s success; residents may move to the district as their children reach school age and stay throughout that period, then move out. However, if this is the case, then it should be considered within the development of materials for a levy.

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