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Historical Strengths of District

I attempt to identify historical strengths, because these can be used in promotional materials. As mentioned above, historically the district has performed very well academically. Many of its students go on to college, some at highly respected private institutions. The district has experienced periods of growth through housing developments spread over several decades, and that will continue.

Promotional Materials

I describe some attributes of each promotional tool that should be integrated. I describe a flyer that would be not more than a tri-fold 8 H" by 11". I also describe the content of a five-eight-minute video to be placed on the district’s website and promoted through the flyer.


A flyer promoting the levy’s passage should integrate information about the historical performance of the district and how property taxes in the district are still relatively low compared to other districts. A nearby district, for example, that is also considered wealthy and tends to perform as well as this district has very high property taxes. This point should be explicitly stated.

Images of students who graduated and have gone on to prestigious colleges can also be included—these would engage reward neurons as well as mirror neurons. Voters who have attended college recognize the value of that education, and they would want their children to mirror those graduates’ success. Such images should be of students who were recognized locally; so, there is some immediate recollection of them. There may even be a testimonial (narrative) from a student indicating the impact their education at the district had in helping them succeed. These students should be nicely dressed, to elicit mirror neurons recalling good, disciplined students.

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