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Likewise, a video promoting the levy should be developed integrating many of the same messages and materials. The superintendent may act as the primary spokesperson, dressed professionally, providing information about the performance and status of the district, while an image of the data itself is visible. A couple of former and current students could provide narratives about their experiences as well, showing images of them in district classrooms or at college. One may even be from a recent college graduate who has a very good job (long term reward).

The biggest challenge for this district is helping voters understand the need to raise funds to replace state funds. That should be part of the message as well; “it isn’t our fault and the state believes we can raise the funds needed, making us more independent from state support.”

Recognizing the need to limit intermodal interference, the screen should not show more than one person and one school building behind him or her at a time. It may also show just text and the image of a building alternatively.

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