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Renter-Related Caveat

Again, voter action may be influenced by a misperception of or misrepresentation regarding how property tax increases can affect renters who are on a fixed income. Consequently, part of the message, or a separate message, needs to include that information. A flier circulated to parents of students or billboards around the city can include such information. It can also include a message about the value of moderate increases in rental fee as part of a community effort to improve children’s education, stimulating mirror neurons by drawing on the link to the community. An image of a respected senior citizen can be used to represent members of the community who are on a fixed income. Such an image carries with it a link to the city’s history as well as a symbol of one on a fixed income. The image could include that person’s grandchild, especially if he or she is a student in the district. Including the grandchild re-enforces a link between past and future, eliciting both mirror and reward neurons.

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