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Visual Dominance

While the statements are delivered via print-linguistic text through the media outlets, they would be shown to a jury or judge, and the authors may be called on to testify at trial. Attorneys have alluded to the video evidence associated with the case and related to the authors of the report. The general public has access to these videos a well. So, one can easily access videos and watch the statements and actions. This also contributes to intermodal sensory redundancy and modal filtering. The attorneys have alluded to particular items, helping to shape which modes the audience might choose to focus on—visual and/or print-linguistic. Again, if visual stimuli are present, the audience is likely to consider it heavily.

The prosecution would need to rely on the visual representation on the two report authors in court as respected experts and tone as they respond to questions. So, the prosecutor would likely emphasize the live visual representation over the recordings of the one author.

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