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American public education and the responsibility of its citizens : supporting democracy in the age o

Changing Schools, Changing Citizens, Changing PrioritiesThe Changing Nature of Public Schools and Their InfluencesThe Changing Nature of CitizensContributions of this BookBook OverviewNotesAccountability, the Public, and Public SchoolsUnderstanding DemocracyCommon and Historical Understandings of AccountabilityThe PublicPublic GoodsPublic Goods, Schools, and Accountability TodayPublic Schools as a Public GoodNotesDefining Public Schools and Understanding Their Shifting TerrainDefining Public SchoolsDemocratic Aspects of Public SchoolsKey Elements of and Recent Developments in Public SchoolingSCHOOL CHOICEFOR-PROFIT EDUCATION MANAGEMENTALTERED SCHOOL GOVERNANCEConclusionNotesCritiquing the Changing Practices of Public SchoolingEmphasizing the Individual Rather Than the “We”The Free Individual Acting through the MarketPrivatization and Corporatization: Conflicts with Associated Living and Public GoodsDisconnect between Schools and CommunitiesConflation of Private Interests and Public GoodsPolitical versus Economic Understandings of Individuals and DemocracyFreedom versus EqualityCostly Citizenship EducationConclusionNotesOur Schools, Our Responsibility, Our DemocracyRightsDefining ResponsibilityNeoliberal ResponsibilityCitizen Responsibility to Public SchoolsNotesFulfilling Citizen ResponsibilitiesGeneral Citizens and Their Responsibilities to Public SchoolsPUBLIC ENGAGEMENT AND PUBLIC WORKDEMOCRATIC SCHOOL GOVERNANCEWORKING IN THE SCHOOLSSUPPORTING CITIZENSHIP EDUCATIONENGAGING IN DELIBERATIONSAVOIDING SPECIFIC EXPECTATIONS AND COERCIONResponsibilities of Citizens Affiliated with Public SchoolsTEACHERSSCHOOL LEADERSEDUCATION REFORMERSELECTED POLICYMAKERSSTUDENTSConclusionNotesLegitimacy of Public SchoolsDefining Political LegitimacyLegitimacy and SchoolsPublic School Legitimacy CrisisIncreasing Legitimacy and Supporting Democracy through Public SchoolsThe Role of Civil SocietyPublic Schools and Civil SocietyNotesCitizenship Education and Habits of DemocracyDefining CitizensCitizenship EducationDefining HabitsHabits and DemocracyCultivating Habits in SchoolsNotesEducating Citizens Through and For Democracy and Our Public SchoolsCitizenship as Shared FateCommunicationCollaboration and CompromiseDeliberationAnalysis, Critique, and DissentHopeConclusionNotesACKNOWLEDGMENTS BIBLIOGRAPHY

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