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A short course of lectures
«Managerial and Cost Accounting»

Cost BehaviorStudy Process and CostsThe Income StatementDetermine Per-Activity Allocation RatesPer Unit Revenue ShiftsTarget Income CalculationsMonitorCapacity UtilizationScorecardOverviewJob Costing and Modern Cost Management SystemsThe Nature of CostsThe Factory Overhead AccountA Case Study in ABCProductionControllingFixed CostsJust in Time InventoryCost Data DeterminationAssign to ActivitiesDirectingSubsidiary AccountsCritical Thinking About CVPApplied Factory OverheadTracking Job Cost Within the Corporate LedgerDialing in Your Business ModelFactors of ProductionJob Costing FlowsProcess Costing FlowsSchedule of Cost of Goods SoldGlobal CompetitionA Great Tool, But not a PanaceaCost Allocation to Completed Units and Units in ProcessGlobal Trade and TransfersCost per Equivalent UnitTotal Quality ManagementProduct Versus Period CostsStrategyChanging Variable CostsCostingTracking Direct MaterialsLean ManufacturingBudgetsEquivalent UnitsDirect LaborA Closer Look at ABC ConceptsGraphic PresentationIdentify ActivitiesCost Behavior AnalysisBasic Job Casting ConceptsBlended Cost ShiftsProcess CostingThe Reality of ABCThe Service SectorFIFO Process CostingReflection on Modern Cost ManagementChanging Fixed CostsThe Balance of Factory OverheadCost of Production ReportKaizenHigh-Low MethodMixed CostsCost ComponentsEconomies of SaleContribution Margin: Aggregated, per Unit, or Ratio?Influence of GAAPExpanding the IllustrationPeriod CostsA Simple AnalogyThe Steps to Implement ABCPositioningAnother Expansion of the IllustrationMoving Beyond the Conceptual LevelUnderapplied OverheadMargin BewareJournal EntriesCost Flows to the Financial StatementsDetermine Traceable Costs and Allocation RatesTracking OverheadActual OverheadApply Costs to Cost ObjectsCritical Thinking About Cost FlowRecapDecision MakingDirect LaborSensitivity AnalysisJob Cost SheetsSchedule of Work in ProcessCons of ABCBreak-Even CalculationsMethod of Least SquaresAnalysisJob Costing in Service, Not For-Profit, And Governmental EnvironmentsProcess Costing and Activity-Based CostingCVP for Multiple ProductsThe Big PictureJob Costing Flows on Job Cost SheetsContribution MarginSchedule of Raw MaterialsActivity-Based CostingInformation Systems for the Job Costing EnvironmentTracking Direct LaborCost-Value-Profit and Business ScalabilityReviewing Cost of Flow Concepts for a ManufacturerAssumptions of CVPOverapplied OverheadSubsequent DepartmentsDirect MaterialConceptualizing Job CostingWhat Just Happened?Comparing Job and Process CostingPros of ABCMargin MathematicsAn Illustration of Equivalent Units CalculationsBreak-Even and Target IncomeFinancial Statement Impact ScenariosAccounting for Actual and Applied OverheadBusiness Implications of the Fixed Cost StructureProcess CostingModern Management of Costs and QualityDatabase Versus SpreadsheetsFinancial Statement Issues that are Unique to ManufacturersOverhead and Cost DriversDirect MaterialPlanningSchedule of Cost of Goods ManufacturedVariable CostsMultiple Products, Selling Costs, and Margin ManagementSix Sigma
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