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Integrated E-Marketing Value Creation

The 4C elements described above help companies to create marketing value with different capacities in various situations. Today’s e-marketing requires an integrated approach to value creation. This can be done by discussing the implications of possible roles in various theoretical marketing approaches for the 4C elements.

Consumer Decision Process

Recently it was proposed that consumer power can be balanced in the consumer decision process with four major strategies: findability, credibility, convenience, and finally, consulting.39 A more detailed integrated approach, in light of the discussion above, is pictured in Fig. 8.3.

In the problem awareness stage, consumer category needs can be under the influence of possible online brands. Thus, brand awareness of an online brand or domain name can help consumers to determine a direction (whether go to a store or online) and requires traditional media advertising support. Once consumers enter the digital world they try to collect information to satisfy their needs. At this stage, connectivity supported by SEM and e-mail marketing can play an important role in providing product, place, price, choice, and information to consumers. Consumers can easily evaluate possible alternatives with the help of a clean and understandable website design and the support of online communities. Reading the experiences of other like-minded consumers with the possible alternatives, and listening to what is talked about in the market and online communities now plays a major role in purchase decisions. At the purchase stage, easy ordering and payment options, which can easily be supported with website personalization (for example, Amazon’s one-click buy system), can bring great navigational conveniences for consumers. At the end of the purchase process, customers can discuss their experience of the company with fellow consumers in their blogs or communities—disseminating either positive or negative e-WOM. Thus, a company needs to understand how this new complaint and complement process works and accordingly develop solutions in the digital world.

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